The Comprehensive Guide to 1D and 2D Barcodes

Barcode Selection

The use of barcode technology has proven itself for decades to be a great way to conduct and manage data entry, information tracking, for improving operational efficiency and reducing clerical and data errors. As a result, more and more applications and systems managers seek to use barcodes. However, once you head into choosing a barcode, you might be surprised to uncover how many barcode types
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Getting Started with Get My Regular Expression

get my regular expression

The idea of Get My Regular Expression came to me during the daily work. I used regular expressions from time to time, for example the use of advanced filters or segment setting in Google Analytics from SEO perspective, or to find some text during code editing, or just some research work I did out of interest. At the beginning, I didn’t took regular expressions seriously.
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What’s the Most Mentioned Scanner on CNET Forum

cnet forum

What’s the most mentioned scanner on CNET forum? As an usual CNET visitor, I used its forum from time to time, to solve hardware or software issue on my laptop & mobile. Someday, this question just poped up in my mind: what’s the most mentioned scanner on CNET forum? As I am working in a document scanning software company,  it’s not much of a surprise
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Data Visualization: How Popular Is QR Code Really

barcode popularity research

When asked about barcodes, what will be the first thing occured to you? 1D barcode, 2D barcode, or any specific barcode type? For me, the answer to this question is QR Code. QR Code has been very popular for quite many years actually. There are many discussions around it. Some argued that it is not trendy any more and it is even observed to be
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Data Visualization: Popular Document Scanning Protocol (TWAIN, WIA, ISIS, and SANE)

the most popular document scanning protocol

A few months ago, I wrote a post to have a detailed comparison on TWAIN, WIA, ISIS, and SANE scanning protocols. That post was read by a lot of people who have some concern on document scanning. In that post, I had a conclusion after the comparison that TWAIN scanning protocol should be your first choice, unless you have some very specific scenarios. It’s reasonalbe
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